I Can. I Will. I Am.

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My Name is Andrea Lewis I'm a mom, a Social Worker and a Woman on a Mission to Success.

I can I will I am is a mantra that I try to live by. Whether I am on a journey to better health, financial freedom or success in my career. I believe that the belief in ones self creates the willingness to fulfill the goal. 

For a long time now I have dedicated my life to helping people find freedom from the barriers in their life, and  realize their full potential to make healthier choices. That's why I became a Social Worker in the 1st place. 

Over the years I have struggled with my own roller coaster of ups and downs in life affecting my self confidence but I found that my real struggle was my self confidence. I didn't believe in my full potential so I couldn't commit to anything. Now that I am mom I see the world so differently and I want so badly to take advantage of every opportunity for success and happiness. Not just for me but for my daughter, and I know that I am capable so I can set goals that I will achieve. 

On this website I'm going to be sharing my journey to better health, financial freedom, family togetherness and overall happiness.

I'll be sharing some tips and tricks I learn along the way in hopes of motivating others to keep going.

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