General Mills: Wonderworks Keto Friendly Cereal Review

I found this cereal this past weekend at Target and I've been craving some cinnamon cereal lately so the find was right on time. I never find Keto cereal in the store, I always have to order online. So at that point my excitement was through the roof. I am usually very good about managing my expectations when it comes to sweets or pre-made anything on Keto. For some reason on this day the craving plus the convenience of it all just had me in a cloud nine and I threw the cereal in the cart before I knew it.

Is It Keto?

I read the back of the box of course, because everything claiming to be Keto is not always so. This case is really no different, the term "Keto Friendly" is used very loosely. The ingredients and the macros indicate it is more low carb than anything. The use of sugar, rice starch and canola oil make it a missed opportunity for anyone practicing strict or even dirty Keto (see blog post here for the difference) I decided to go ahead and try it. That way if it was good I can keep it in the pantry in case a strong sugar craving came on, its a much better cheat snack then Cocoa Puffs.

The Verdict

So basically I got it home, poured a really big bowl (because like I said cloud 9). I decided to go with my unsweetened vanilla almond milk to add a little vanilla to all that cinnamon sugar flavor I was about to enjoy. What I got instead was a full bite of bland, grainy, dry, sugar less cereal, that couldn't even moisten with the milk. I couldn't even go back in for my 2nd opinion bite, because mouthfeel is everything to me and the first bite was just so overwhelmingly dry and grainy that I couldn't do it again. I tasted literally no cinnamon or sugar, it was both the flavor and texture of protein powder and almond flour, rolled into mini balls and lightly dusted with cinnamon powder.

If you're here strictly checking if it's keto friendly; it's not. If you're checking to see if I think it's tasty; I don't. If you're wondering if I think it's worth a try; of course. My recommendation is to always try it for yourself, because everyone is different and some people really enjoy the things that you hate (case in point guacamole and coconut).

I won't be purchasing this cereal again but if you would like to try it, click the link here or attached to the photo to order it on

If you do decide to try it let me know what you think! Until next time love you guys!

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