How I lost 30+ Pounds

My Weight Loss Journey

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For a while I have struggled with my weight and my confidence. I felt like I didn't look good in any of my clothes, I ignored the mirror before I got in the shower. I just didn't feel like the way I looked or more importantly the way I felt was healthy. I would be tired and out of breath all of the time, I would have headaches, muscle spasms, and stomach aches all the time.

I decided I wanted to change the way I eat and exercise more, but of course that's easier said than done. I tried just telling myself to go to the gym and workout but that didn’t work. I tried eating healthier foods but that only justified me eating half a medium pizza with a side salad so that didn’t work.

The Beginning:

It wasn‘t until, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to try this food challenge with him where we would cut out bread and pasta from our diets. Unbeknownst to me he had been watching MMA Fighters and Trainers talk about “cutting weight” with what's known as the “Keto Diet” and he was prepping us to do the diet while I was thinking that we were just cutting bread and pasta.

The Transition:

So the first week I was trying to be creative with our meals, trying to recreate our normal meals without incorporating any bread or pasta. It seemed easy just swapping out noodles for rice and dropping the garlic bread and dinner rolls from the menu. The next week he told me if we really want to be serious about losing weight we should also cut out potatoes and rice too because they still have lots of starch and are only replacing the starches we just cut out. So we continued to cut out starchy foods and foods high in sugar including fruit, juice and soda. In the first couple weeks I lost 10lbs from the food changes alone, I hadn't even really been working out. Over the next few weeks though I plateaued so I wasn't losing any more weight and this kind of frustrated me and shook my confidence a little. I realized that I really didn't know that much about the diet I was committing to and if I wanted to find out why I wasn't losing anymore then I was going to have to research and implement a new plan. Through my research I learned that I was still eating and drinking some things that could increase water retention that causes bloating and inhibits weight loss. Apparently just because it says "Sugar Free" doesn't mean its actually sugar free and in order to know what you are eating you have to know what you are eating by reading the labels and ingredients on everything. Once I became more knowledgeable about the Keto Diet and started working out more regularly, the weight started to come off again even more rapidly than before.

The Results:

So now I've lost a total of 32lbs, that's not without struggle, relapse, or starting over. It was never just about the weight for me though, it was always about the way I felt about the way I looked and my health.

Now my plan is to keep going and getting stronger, tighter and more educated about my body and my health. For anyone out there that is trying to start a new diet or trying to lose weight my advice is to stay committed and pace yourself. Take steps to change your lifestyle if you want life long results.

I'm going to keep pushing myself and sharing my journey, so stay connected to see my updates and the tips and fails I learn along the way.

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