Surviving on Keto; 6 Tips For the Broke and Healthy

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

A common misconception about lifestyle changes specifically diet and exercise related is that its expensive. While this can absolutely be true, it is no different than buying the expensive version of every other thing in your life. It's all about knowing what the essentials are and where to substitute for the cheaper items. Being broke means something different to everyone, so whether you're cutting cost to save for an occasion or are in a moment in life where you just don't have it, these tips can help you stay committed to your healthy lifestyle and respect your budget.

1. Buy in Bulk

If you can afford a membership to Sam's Club or Costco I highly recommend it. The benefits of buying in bulk can definitely make up for the up front cost. Buying some essentials in bulk can help you save money on the items that are consistently used in your diet, so that you are buying more of what you need less often. You can check Groupon before signing up for a membership they usually have some kind of 1st time membership deal.

In preparation for your warehouse grocery trip, be sure to pay attention to the staples in your diet and the price per weight. Make a list of items you run out of most frequently and how much they are at the local grocery store so you can compare and decide what's the best deal for you.

2. Change or Cancel Gym Membership

Changing the value package of your gym membership or simply canceling it all together can be a huge relief on your budget. All of the amenities that the gym offers are luxuries and convenience tools for working out, but none of them are necessities. The only thing you need to workout is your body, so you can do it from anywhere. You just have to get creative and weigh out all your options. Download some free workout apps and stay dedicated at home. In the summer months take advantage of the sun and run outside, use your bathroom as a steam room to keep up the sweat after your workout. Whatever you do, don't stop working out just because your not a member of a gym.

3. Create Fasting Schedule

Intermittent fasting is a dieting tool that helps with inflammation, weight loss, cholesterol and many other benefits including saving money. I believe fasting should always be intentional and planned so that your body can go in and come out of the fasted stated in the healthiest way possible. Regardless of when you decide to fast during that time you are not eating any food, so you are not buying any food or eating the food you already have and then it usually lasts longer than normal.

I'm not saying starve yourself by any means, but I am saying that if you chose to implement intermittent fasting be strategic about it and it could help you portion your food to last a little longer.

4. Meal Plan and Prep

As much as you can, try to plan out your meals and prep them for the week. Knowing what you plan to eat for the week will help you plan your store trip and decide just how much you will need to spend on food. If you know this will be an off week and maybe you don't get paid until the end of the week, try to plan out some 2-3 ingredient meals or meals that make a lot so that you can have leftovers for lunch or the same dinner 2 nights in a row.

My go to meals on my off weeks are; chili, salad, tacos and meat and vegetables. The good thing about the Keto diet is that it's pretty simple overall and doesn't necessarily require any specialty foods to support the basics.

5. Adjust your Keto Standard

If you are someone who is typically strict Keto than you might want to temporarily adjust your standard, obviously nothing that would kick you out of ketosis but just buying the more affordable somewhat lesser quality option to avoid the high cost that most often comes with high quality. I talk about the different standards of Keto in another blog post. (Here)

6. Stay Committed

Remember the goal and don't give up on it. Times get hard but they only get worse when you give up on yourself. When times do get tight and you feel like you have to make a choice, between your health and your survival; just remember that its temporary. The situation wont last forever and if you plan and take preventative measures than it will make it so much easier.

At the end of the day you're going to have to do what you have to regardless but hopefully these tips give you another option to help you stay dedicated and on the path to achieving all of your goals.

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