Top 5 Low Carb Movie Theater Snacks

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Recently I made plans to go to the movies with my friends and had the perfect plan to stock up on all of my favorite low carb snacks before I went. As some of you can probably understand when you are a toddler parent things don't always go as planned. So I hadn't eaten much all day because I just knew I was in for an epic 2 hour snacking session and I couldn't wait another 2 hours before I had anything to eat. So I had to figure out what I could make work when I got to the movie, and this is how I came up with this list. Some of the things on this list are going to be available depending on the theater you choose, but its definitely worth knowing at least what options you have.

1. Wings

Hot wings and plain wings are a great way to indulge and stay under your daily carb count. Make sure to ask if the chicken is breaded and if they add sugar to their sauces before ordering it. You probably won't be able to see the bottle of sauce that they use so if your strict and want to be on the safe side just go with the plain fried wings. This delectable snack can usually be found if there is a bar in the theater. I f they do happen to be behind the concession stand you just want to be mindful that they are processed and microwavable so it is a factor to consider in the specifics of your diet.

2. Bun less Hot Dog

This next one seems like an obvious one, Hot dogs (without the bun of course) can usually be found at any concession stand in America. These days more and more theaters are upgrading their concession menus and replacing our favorite menu items with things like Flat Bread Brick Oven Pizza and Chicken and Waffle Sliders. Thankfully most have left the standard hot dog and grill alone. The best hot dogs to get on a low carb diet are all beef, so be sure to ask if the hot dog is all beef or made with pork. If the hot dog is made with pork just be conscious that the carb count can still be low but the quality will also be low so you can't always know for sure what else is in the dog besides the pork (But I mean do we ever really know what's inside a hot dog, do we even want to???) If your like me and you planned out your eating schedule for that day to accommodate the extra snacking, then you should be fine.

3. Bun less Burgers

Burgers are a great way to indulge and stay true to your diet. As long as you take the bun off and don't add any ketchup you can enjoy a delicious burger during your movie. Some things to keep in mind with this item is that quality is going to vary depending on what is available at the theater. If there is no kitchen and they have burgers or sliders on the menu,they will probably be something processed and microwavable. So for the strict Keto this might not be the best option. If there is a kitchen then the burgers are likely being made to order and you can ask for some toppings or an extra piece of lettuce to wrap your burger in, just to make it that much more satisfying.

4. Popcorn

Hear me out on this one. Those that are on a strict low carb diet are probably thinking there is no way we can eat popcorn especially from the movies, they pop that stuff in canola oil and it's already a corn kernel so carbs are inevitable. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that a lot of the major theaters have started popping their corn in coconut oil, giving you a double dose of those fats from the coconut oil and the butter. So while this item is not the healthiest option on the list it is a guaranteed find and with portion control and self control you can indulge in a favorite movie snack with very little guilt and all the pleasure.

5. Wine

Last but certainly not least; Wine. YES WINE. Wine is a drink that would usually be paired with a snack, but today it gets its own number on this list of movie snacks.

It has been my pure pleasure to see the evolvement of theaters by adding adult beverages to the menu. Not everyone is up to speed but most major theaters have some kind of wine, liquor and/or beer selection added to their concession menu, if not a whole bar option. Wine is a relaxing agent and aside from the mental happiness it brings people; wine has also been proven to have numerous health benefits. To keep the carbs low you want to get a dry wine like Carbernet Sauvignon, Dry Reisling, Merlot or Chardonnay. Then you can really sit back relax and enjoy the movie.

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