Why Didn’t It Work For Me?

HERES THE PROBLEM; In starting a new relationship you have to ease into it. Get reacquainted with the idea of something new and really get to know each other before you commit to anything serious. You wouldn’t marry someone you just met (I mean unless your on Lifetimes Married at First Sight but that’s a different conversation). So then why are we so quick to commit to a new relationship with food that we know nothing about? Then we get discouraged and disappointed when it doesn‘t work the way we expected it to.

When we start a diet it is basically starting a new relationship with food. All of the foods we used to know and love are now apart of our past and we can't walk into this new thing constantly comparing it to the old thing. Starting something new requires a mindset you've never had before and rewiring your brain includes your tastebuds. We have to take our time and get to know each other, find out what we like and dislike before just calling it quits.

Below are all the reasons you might not be seeing any progress in your new relationship, and how to fix it so you can find out if it's truly meant to be.

1.No Exercise at all

First things first; no change works with out movement. You literally can not just sit on your butt to see progress. So get up and get moving and if you're already mobile, then its time to turn up the volume on your workouts.


Sometimes too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. While sometimes not enough good can make it bad. Snacking is that in this case. If you're not paying attention to the amount when snacking it can be very easy to over eat. On that same note, if you don't have enjoyable snacks to indulge in from time to time you won't survive the change. Find a solid 3 snacks to add to your rotation; something small, something sweet and something savory so that you always have options for what you're in the mood for.


They say "everything worth having is worth waiting for" so make sure you are patient and don't just give up because you don't see results as quickly as you might like to. Give it time and be consistent.

4. Not reading labels

Not reading the labels is the surest way to getting knocked out of Ketosis, hitting a plateau or even gaining weight. You have to do your research and no what's in the food that you are eating. Certain ingredients are code words for sugar, or it will contain oil peanut oil or vegetable oil or another kind of oil that can cause bloating or inflammation so it's important to read the ingredients so that you know what could be the potential outcome on your body. But of course the way to avoid that is to always go organic and as natural as possible.

5. Not doing research

Making sure that you're researching the different types of sugar alcohols, cooking oil's, and other ingredients that are restricted from your chosen lifestyle change. There are new products that pop up every day so if you read the back of the package and you don't know what an ingredient is, look it up on Google and then that will help you decide whether or not it is appropriate for you with the lifestyle change that you're on.

6.Not tracking Macros or Calorie Counting

Now I'm pretty 50-50 on not this because on one hand I lost a lot of weight without seriously tracking my macros or ever counting a calorie. Every day I didn't know exactly how much protein I ate vs how much carbs and how much fiber I had that day, and I didn't intentionally weigh out my portions to exactly fit the ratio that I needed it to be for my macros to be perfect or whatever. However that does not mean that I did not hit my own plateaus and that I could not have lost plenty more weight or reached my goal much sooner had I been tracking my macros daily. The point of tracking your macros or counting calories is to document your eating so that you can track habits and if you should hit a wall you can make adjustments.

7. No meal prep or planning

When you stay ready you don't have to get ready. The main reason people cheat is convenience. Not being in the mood to cook a whole meal from scratch or go to the store to get the ingredients you need is a sure way to end up eating whatever is easiest or available to you on hand. Shopping for the week prior will help to avoid those last minute decisions. Also will help you be accountable for the plan you made to stick to the goal for the week. If you can't afford to plan that far ahead then plan to eat the same thing more than 1 time in a week whether its left overs or eggs for breakfast 2x this week. Do whatever you have to to stay on track for the goal.

Now that you have these tips go back to your new food boo, reintroduce yourself and really step into it whole heartedly. What's the worst that can happen? You fall in love and live healthly-ever after?

Live and Learn Honeys !!

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